1) What is the price of the vacation? 
The prices for renting a cabin/hotel are stated in Danish kroner and apply to the given number of persons in the requested period. The prices include power consumption and water unless otherwise has been agreed. 
All bookings are charged a booking fee of DKK 95,-

2) Participants
There cannot stay more persons in the cabin than the number given at www.norskhytteudlejning.dk or the stated number of persons at the confirmation/ lease.  


3) Booking/payment
The contract condition between the guest and Norsk Hytte Udlejning is binding from the time of booking. 
The person in charge of booking must be least 25 years old when ordering stays at Hafjell. By booking on other destinations, please contact Norsk Hytte Udlejning, since the age limit may vary.

The deposit is 25 % of the renting amount, however a minimum of 1500,- pr. cabin/apartment/hotel stay.

The deposit will be charged at the online booking or at receipt of the confirmation, which will be sent pr. mail or post. 
The rest of the amount must be paid 55 days before arrival, at the latest. 

If you have booked an apartment/Cabin with 13 beds or more in Trysil, Hemsedal, Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen (Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället and Hundfjället) the rest of the amount have to be paid 95 days before arrival at the latest.


If the booking takes place less than 55 days before arrival, the full price of the vacation must be paid at the booking.

If you have booked an apartment/cabin with 13 beds or more in Trysil, Hemsedal, Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen (Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället and Hundfjället) the full amount have to be paid 95 days before arrival at the latest.


4) Payment 
The following payment metholds are available:
1.    Online payment (Visa card, MasterCard, Maestro card - see cards on the website) 
2.    IT invoice sent by e-mail after booking and , which is paid via online banking - DKK 200 in bank fee. 
Payment can also be transferred to our bank account in either Norway or Denmark (see www.norskhytteudlejning.dk under contacts).
When paying the deposit or the full price, you automatically accept Norsk Hytte Udlejning’s tenancy terms.
Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to cancel the booking if the balance is not paid on time. The deposit will not be refunded at cancellation. 


5) Cancellation
In case of cancellation of cabins/apartments/hotel, the following rules apply:
The cancellation takes effect the day that Norsk Hytteudlejning receives your notification of this in writing.

You will lose the deposit if you make a cancellation from the time of booking and until 55 days before arrival except if you have booked an apartment/cabin with 13 beds or more in Trysil, Hemsedal, Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen (Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället and Hundfjället). Then you will loose the deposit from the time of booking and until 95 days before arrival.  

When booking less than 55 days before arrival the guest is 100%  liable of booking, which means that any Cancellation within this period implies loss of ful amount.

Except for booking of apartments/ cabins with 13 beds or more in Trysil, Hemsedal, Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen (Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället and Hundfjället) less than 95 days before arrival the guest is 100 % liable of booking. Which means that any cancellation within this period implies loss of the full amount paid.


6) Changing of the cabin stay and Force Majeure
In case of sale of a rented hotel/cabin/apartment, a fire, serious water damage or other damages which make the hotel/cabin/apartment uninhabitable, Norsk Hytte Udlejning will try to find a similar alternative in the same area without extra costs for the guest. However, If this is impossible, Norsk Hytte Udlejning will refund the amount for the rented hotel/cabin/apartment already paid by the guest. 

Guests who book cabins/apartments more than a year in advance must be aware of these terms - especially for the cabins/apartments with more than 8 beds. 

Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot be held financially responsible for force majeure (catastrophe, strike, fire, riot, whether conditions, storm and similar) and external conditions which we do not control. Neither can Norsk Hytte Udlejning be held financially responsible for any changes or cancellations of itineraries, which we do not control.


7) Trip and cancellation insurance 
The insurances can be made together with the reservation of the cabin. The insurances can be made with Europæiske ERV. You can find the prices by clicking the Europæiske ERV banner, which is found at www.norskhytteudlejning.dk/rejseforsikring.


8) Rental period
The cabin is usually available on the day of arrival from 4 pm or 5 pm to the day of departure at 11 am. Any deviation will appear in the lease. If the guests are not to leave by ferry until later that day, it may be possible to make and agreement of staying in the cabin/apartment for a longer time at some of our destinations. The same conditions apply if the cabin/apartment should be vacant before 4 pm at the day of arrival, but also only by agreement. 


9) Entrance card for tollbooths
In some cases, a tollbooth must be passed to get to the cabin / apartment. Initially, the rental price does not include an entrance card, and passing tollbooths is at your own expense.


10) Fixtures and equipment
The cabin is equipped with kitchen utensils, duvets/quilts and pillows. All cabins are electrically heated unless otherwise is stated in the description. For cabins with fireplace/wood burning stove, it is possible to buy wood in the area at the time of booking or arrival. 
11) Linen, towels.
Linens, towels, tea towels and dishcloths must be brought. Linens and towels can be rented on arrival. Notice that this is included at some places; this will appear in the confirmation/rental documents. 


12) Final Cleaning 
In some cabins/apartments you can choose to do the final cleaning yourself at departure. In this case, you will be charged a control fee. In other places, final cleaning is compulsory. This will appear at the online booking and on the confirmation/rental documents.


13) Bedrooms 
In the most of our cabins and apartments there are only real beds. It is not possible to make a bed on the couch, on small loft rooms or similar without it being mentioned. A baby cot and high chair is standard in many of our cabins on Hafjell, but it has to be rented in most of the destinations - Please call us for more information about your specific cabin/apartment. 

14) Ski-in/ski-out

Ski-in/ski-out means, that you do not have to go very far to be able to ski from the cabin/apartment to the slopes. By many of the cabins/apartments, the given distance to the slopes equals the distance from the cabin to a connecting trail. The condition of connecting trails depends on natural snow.


15) Internet / WIFI
If not specifically stated in the cabin/apartment descriptions that internet / WIFI is available, this will intially not be available in the cottage / apartment.
Please be aware, that in mountainous areas there may be poor coverage and that outages might occur.


16) Animals and smoking 
Animals are not allowed in our cabins and apartments without agreement. Smoking is totally prohibited indoors. This will be possible outside by ashtrays. A compensation may be charged, if these rules are not followed. 

17) Complaints 
In case of any mistakes or things missing in the cabin, its fixture or installations, this must be informed to Norsk Hytte Udlejning immediately on arrival, or as soon as it is found or occurs, so that it is possible to fix it as soon as possible. 


18) Training/reserved slopes:

Hafjell is a national facility for technical disciplines. Therefore, please note that certain slopes may be reserved for the purpose of training/races.


19) Reservation
We make reservations for possible misprints. Norsk Hytte Udlejning reserves the right to replace the cabin with another in minimum similar standard in case of a contract breach from the cabin owner's side. Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot be held responsible for any price change on ski rental, ski pass, ferry prices or discounts which are out of Norsk Hytte Udlejning’s control. 


We make reservations for technical errors that may occur when booking. Including technical errors between Norsk Hytte Utlejnings IT systems and 3rd party. Eg. a booking can go wrong after payment is made. In all cases of these technical booking errors, the customer will be refunded 100% of the deposit.


19a) Changes / cancellations concerning ferry, plane or other means of transportation
In case of changes or cancellations of departures by ferry, plane or other means of transportation, Norsk Hytte Udlejning cannot be held financially responsible, since this is outside the company's control.
Norsk Hytte Udlejning refunds the full price of the originally booked transport and of course helps with alternative transportation options. The guest bears the costs and any price increases in this context.

20) Misprints
NHU takes reservations to technical errors and incorrect prices. 
An xxample may be that a cabin rental stands is listed at DKK 0,00,- on the invoice.
It may also be a completely wrong price which might lack a digit. In this case, it will be assessed whether the parties are acting in “good or bad faith". 


21) "Rejsegarantifonden" The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund
Norsk Hytte Udlejning is a member of the Danish Travel guarantee fund "Rejsegarantifonden"
Membership number: 2437


These rental conditions are made from an ethical and moral consideration for both tenant and landlord. We will always work to ensure our guests a pleasant vacation in our cabins and apartments.


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Tel: +45 9617 0111  Mail: post@nhu.dk
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Find further contact information and opening hours on our website under contact. 

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