Norsk Hytte Udlejning is searching for more cabins/apartments for renting.
Norsk Hytte Udlejning (NHU) continues to have great success at renting cabins, primarily to families from both Norway and Denmark. Therefore we are searching for more cabins and apartments in Hafjell, and in that occasion, we offer an introduction price. Simoultaniously we have developed an "advantage package" which gives you special advantages as a cabin owner in NHU.

For you who do not know NHU, we would like to give you a personal introduction of the NHU concept. NHU has been in Hafjell since 1997 and is the second largest bed operator in Hafjell. NHU is Danish owned and with its own employees in both Denmark and Norway. Norsk Hytte Udlejning is the main company and the office lies in Denmark. The company is 100% owned by Lars Møller who also owns the Danish holiday cabin rental firm Danish Coastal Cities.


  • You decide self-use periods

  • Opportunity of own guests

  • Guide service 365 days a year 

  • aqcuisitions of cleaning and smaller caretaker services, also after own use and guests


You are very welcome to send an email or call us to hear more about renting through NHU
Welcome to the NHU family 

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