Idre Fjäll

Skiing Idre Fjäll

The perfect ski day starts looking out over the mountain landscape with the Norwegian mountains in the horizon, that makes you start your day with a smile. The slopes are starting near your cabin, then you just have to slide down to the nearest lift.


At Idre Fjäll you will find skiing in four directions. This means that you can always be on the sunny side or leeward side and you always have many slopes to choose from.


The skiing offers different difficulties.

The ski area is divided into West, North, East and South. There are several chairlifts nad total there are 40 slopes. At Idrefjäll you will find skiing in both Dalarna steepest hill, Chocken with 46 ° tilt, and the hill with the name that says exactly what it is, Dalarna longest 2,800 m. Here you quickly find your favorite slope, whether you are a slider, an adventurer or a novice when it comes to skiing. It also means that the whole family can enjoy skiing even if the requests can be highly variable.

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