Send mail 13.03.2020

Dear Guest.


It is with very deep regret that several of our destinations have been closed down by the Norwegian Health Authorities yesterday and 14 days ahead to 26.03.20. We expect more to close down in the coming days.


We have tried to contact all our guests personally last night and this morning, but have had to give up as more destinations are closing down as we speak and our employees can't keep up with calling around – we´re very sorry for this.


During these hours, the destinations and our travel consultants work on high pressure to get an overview and to contact all our guests.

We will be sending out e-mails in the coming days and daily updates will be on our website.


We kindly ask our guests to minimize phone calls.


Several Norwegian destinations now encourage all non-Norwegians to return home, as there is a risk that the borders will be closed.

If you have booked a ferry, please contact your ferry carrier.


We can be in a situation that all destinations in Norway and Sweden close for 14 days or more, and we encourage our guests to  follow the link below, which is being prepared.


Read more here


THANK YOU for your patience with us these days.


Venlig hilsen / Best regards
Lars Møller
Direktør / Indehaver

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