Dæhlie   - Kvitfjell - 2634 Fåvang - Norge


500 m2
400 m
200 m
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05/12-21 » 09/12-21
2048,00 EUR

05/12-21 » 10/12-21
2467,00 EUR

Sauna • Dishwasher • Woodburning stove / Fireplace • Internet • Freezer • Spa • TV • Pets allowed • Microwave oven

This is a cabin with high standard located on Dæhlitoppen with panoramaview. This cabin is suitable for families and friends on holiday, as well as trips and meetings for a company. Can also be used for weddings or other big events. A short drive brings you to the slopes and good cross-country opportunties.
In the summer we have great hiking and bicycle options. With a half hour´s drive you can see several attractions like Hunderfossen in south and Fron waterpark in the north. Short distance to the small villages such as Ringebu and Fåvang.

Livingroom contains sofa, stereo, fireplace
TV-room contains sofa, TV, dvd, fireplace
Big diningtable for enjoying meals together

Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, cold storage, stove, dish washer, micro

10 separate bedroom 
Bedroom 1: Doublebed
Bedroom 2: Doublebed, bunkbed
Bedroom 3: Doublebed, bunkbed
Bedroom 4: Doublebed, bunkbed
Bedroom 5: Doublebed, bunkbed
Bedroom 6: 2 bunkbeds
Bedroom 7: 2 bunkbeds
Bedroom 8: 4 120cm beds
Bedroom 9: Family bunkbed
Bedroom 10: Doublebed, 120cm bed

9 separate bathroom 
Bathroom 1: shower, toilet, sauna, hot tub
Bathroom 2: shower, toilet
Bathroom 3: shower, toilet
Bathroom 4: shower, toilet
Bathroom 5: shower, toilet
Bathroom 6: shower, toilet
Bathroom 7: shower, toilet
Bathroom 8: shower, toilet
Bathroom 9: shower, toilet
Separate toilet

Further information: 
500 square meters, pets allowed at an additional cost
Internet, terrace, parking